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            We are the Smith family. We grew up playing games together. Board games, video games, games outside in the yard; no matter what kind of game we were playing, we were always tinkering around with the rules to add some spice to a well-worn favorite, or to give the younger siblings a fair chance against the big kids.

            All that tinkering taught us a lot about what makes a game fun, and how to create an experience that can be challenging for everyone, without creating one that would exclude anyone.

            Even as we entered adulthood, games remained important to us. We are not together under one roof as often as we would like, but when we are, you can be sure some games will be coming off the shelf! When we are apart, online gaming together has been one of our favorite ways to keep in touch.

              In 2013 we combined some of our best ideas into a new game, Six Empires. We knew we'd made a fun game on the first play through, but we couldn't resist tinkering and streamlining it as we went! We played over and over, trying new ideas and refining the ones that existed before. Not every idea stayed in the game, but the ones that did are the best of the best. Six Empires has changed so much since that first game, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the results!

            We started to let some friends in on our secret, and they encouraged us to share it with the world. We launched our first Kickstarter in October and now Six Empires is available for purchase! Based on the reactions we've received so far, we know we've created something that will make a great addition to the collection of any strategy board game fan!

            We're also selling World on Fire, a card game designed as a companion for the Anniversary Edition of a popular World War II strategy game. This unofficial expansion adds the fun and excitement of the Morale Bonus Cards from Six Empires and applies them to a World War II context.

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