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Before you Buy - Notes on the First Edition

You are purchasing the first edition of Six Empires. As a special bonus, this edition includes a sheet of 72 spare units which will not be sold separately in future editions.

However, before you buy, you should know that the printed manual for this edition does contain some minor typographical errors which are listed in the errata sheet. You may also download a fully up to date version of the game manual.

Retail Locations

Pick Six Empires up at one of these locations. You'll support a local retailer and save yourself the cost of shipping!

Lookin' For Games

4354 New Falls Road
Levittown, Pennsylvania 19056

Draw Go Games

9 Evelyn Street
Rutland, Vermont, 05701

Recycled Reading of Vermont
Books & Insturments

1 Main St
Bristol, Vermont 05443

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