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Can you lead your empire into a new age of power and prosperity? The fates of Europe, North Africa, and the New World are in your hands!


Use your armies and navies to conquer new territories and rule the seas. High value territories bring your empire more Prestige Points, but they'll be harder to conquer! Should you pursue certain victory and a smaller reward or risk a setback in pursuit of a massive gain?

The first player to start their turn with 30 or more prestige points while controlling all of the territories of their color and at least one territory of another player's color wins the game!

The world of Six Empires comes to life with a variety elements which are not controlled by any player. Independent nations, rebelions, fires, floods and pirates are just a few of the challanges you may face. You'll be playing against the game as well as against your friends!

Furthermore, player's successes are rewarded with Morale Bonus Cards which add special scenarios and abilities. These cards add a lot of variety and complexity to the game without forcing players to memorize a series of rules. Everything you need to know is printed right on the card!

In addition to these unique mechanics, winning in Six Empires doesn't require you to eliminate your friends and conquer the world. Instead, you're in a race to become the first superpower. None of your friends will be forced to sit and watch while the rest finish the game.

Finally, Six Empires is uniquely adjustable to suit the mood of the night or the taste of your group. The base game is simple and easy to learn, but there is a full menu of advanced rules  you can add to increase the complexity. Looking for a quick game? Play to 25 points instead of 30. How about an epic struggle? Play to 50 points! 


Event cards add an element of surprise by introducing elements outside of any player's control. An improvement in trade could give your empire a welcome boost, or a conquered territory may rebel against you!

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Each game of Six Empires will feature a different set of events, occurring in different territories, and in a different order. You and your rivals won't know what's going to happen next, but the player that is best prepared for the unexpected will be most likely to succeed.


Begin each turn by recruiting new military units from your empires territories. This process is simple but the decisions are not!

You collect one free infantry and cavalry token for each territory you control which contains that unit's icon. You can press these new units into immediate service and use them this turn, but it may be wiser to send some to Training & Construction where they will upgrade into more powerful units over time.

Are the extra forces this turn worth forgoing more powerful units next turn?


Battles in Six Empires are exicting and dynamic events, never a simple roll the dice learn the outcome affair!

Your units "route" rather than being destroyed. They might be restored to the battle by a famous commander or Morale Bonus Card, adding the potential for you to swing a battle that has turned against you back in your favor. Choosing where and when to commit these resources will be essential to success!

Furthermore, the battle is divided into three "columns" constituting distinct mini-battles. It may go well for you in one column and poorly in another, but winning any column outright will give you a key advantage in the other two!


Your victories will earn you new Morale Bonus Cards which grant special bonuses. You may also choose to discard one to save one of your routing units in the middle of a battle!

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The variety in these cards bring the the game to life with special military tactics and economic activity, without forcing players to memorize a bunch of rules for battlefield maneuvers or managing an economy. Everything you need to know is printed right on the card!

Non-Player Nations

Six Empires features 17 Independent Nations which are not controlled by any player at the start of the game. You can conquer these regions, but just because they don't belong to a player doesn't mean they're defenseless. They have armies of their own and will fight to remain Independent!

In a game with fewer than six players, you can attack an empire which isn't controlled by a player, but these powerful empires will fight to defend their lands even harder than Independent Nations!

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