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It is the year 1714. Europe is at peace, but how long will it last? Six Empires stand at the threshold of domination, but the rise of one must come at the expense of the others. Who will stand above the rest? Observers at the time did not know. How will history play out in your hands? 


Use your armies and navies to conquer new territories and rule the seas. Each territory you conquer adds Prestige Points to your empire. The more points a territory is worth, the harder it is to conquer and the closer it will bring you to victory.

You’ll face more foes than just your rival empires. Independent nations, rebellions, fires, floods, and pirates are just a few of the other challenges you'll have to overcome. You're playing against the game as well as against your friends!

The good news is that you confront these challenges with the support of an empire. The better you do for your people, the more they will believe in your leadership. Your successes will be rewarded with Morale Bonus Cards which add variety and excitement without forcing you to memorize a complicated series of rules. Everything you need to know is printed right on the card!

In addition to these mechanics, Six Empires is unique because winning doesn't mean eliminating your friends and conquering the world. None of your friends will be forced to sit and watch while the rest of you finish the game. Instead, you're in a race to accumulate enough points to become the first superpower of the modern age.


Event cards add an element of surprise with unpreditible elements outside of any player's control. A conquered territory may rebel against you, heavy snows might trap an army for a turn, or an improvement in trade could give your empire a welcome econmoic boost!

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Each time you play Six Empires you'll see a different set of events, occurring in different territories, and in a different order! You won't know what's going to happen next. Quick thinking will be essential to your success!


You start your turn by recruiting new military units from the territories you control. This process is simple, but the decisions are not!

You collect one free infantry and cavalry token from each territory that produces them. You can press them into service for use this turn, but it may be wiser to send them to Training & Construction where they will upgrade into more powerful units over time.

Are the extra forces this turn worth forgoing more powerful units next turn?


Your victories earn you Morale Bonus Cards which have special benefits you may play at any time. The variety in these cards bring the game to life with special military tactics and economic activity, without needing complicated rules for battlefield maneuvers or modeling an economy. Everything you need to know is printed right on the card!

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Battles in Six Empires are exciting and dynamic events, never just a simple roll of the dice to learn the outcome!

The battle is divided into three columns constituting distinct mini-battles. It may go well for you in one column and poorly in another. Winning any column outright will give you a key advantage in the other two!

Your units "route" rather than being destroyed. You can restore them to the battle with one of your Famous Commanders or by sacrificing a Morale Card. You can swing a battle in your favor, but so can your rivals! Choosing which battles are worth risking your Famous Commanders and discarding your precious Morale Cards will be essential to success!

Non-Player Nations

Six Empires features 17 Independent Nations which are not controlled by any player. You can attempt to conquer these regions instead of attacking other players, but just because they don't belong to a player doesn't mean they're defenseless. They have armies of their own and will fight to remain Independent!
In a game with fewer than six players, the rules for Independent Nations are extended to include any Empire which is not controlled by a player.


To win the game you must accumulate at least 30 Prestige Points, while simultaneously controlling all of your starting territories and at least one starting territory of another player's. If you can achieve all this, your empire will have triumphed over your rivals, and your citizens will be the envy of the world.

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